Selling Tips on Instagram

Selling Tips on Instagram, as a social media sharing good selfi photos, Instagram activities now become an online means of selling in Indonesia like a product catalog that attracts your prospective customers. Instagram has now become part of the world’s largest social media site that is facebook, and can link with your facebook fanpage. here are some online selling tips on instagram;

1. Open 3 instagram accounts with mobile phone number and different email (for verification)

2. Immerse the bio on Instagram like store name, location, contacts that can be contacted

3. Take your product or from your suppliers (dropship)  

4. Post at least 150 posts at the beginning with an interesting photo, clear and full description and call to action

5. Use hastag (#) 20-30 which you can see in

6. Do not mix with personal photos

7. Do not give up and congratulate the practice!

Similarly Tips Jago Selling on Instagram may help you start selling online, because in principle if you are just starting to sell online then we can ride sales in instagram without thinking about how your traffic leads potential customers. So when starting selling online not only have to have their own online store website, you can start step by step one of them with sosmed that many inhabited young people, especially this woman

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