How to Trade Forex Without Risk!

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  • Jan 04, 2022

Hello everyone¬† to all of you Hope you are in good health and of course anyone who watches this video can always be useful in this video we will go back to basics where on Monday we will talk about forex trading again and of course with What if forex trading is Baptist as a regulator and supervisor? So what are we discussing in this post, which are the steps to start forex trading without risk. every day I receive a lot If for example the question is very general and many people ask in the end I don’t answer directly but it can be made like this it says forex trading is a dangerous trade but every Monday, bro others always go along so forex trading Ho seems harmless, it’s a bit strange, so it’s different between places to talk about something different, the danger is where and the friendly word can trade forex, learn kwangen until you can get lots of videos. we discuss every Monday about education about forex trading and also every Wednesday we have live trading with me too yes of course it will be for people who are really starting to come here maybe a little confused about how the first video to start is to watch Yes I am too people who learn everything u also from the beginning, of course, when we get something piecemeal, it may be very heavy. How to arrange the puzzle according to our level of understanding. We have grouped the iOS from number 1 to today’s so of course it will make it easier for you to follow the sequence of each video, that is one of the tips, but one of the second tips is to try watching this video because this video in seven steps provides an overview. How can you start trading forex and Survive perfect and grow, of course, if only the service is not necessarily successful but perfect and the body because of what? Because it is based on a basic and fundamental understanding, that ‘s roughly what it is , let’s try to answer according to questions and requests of gold Unfortunately, I didn’t mention his name. Thank you for the question. Well, number one is any danger for those who don’t know how to drive a car. Is a dangerous activity dangerous if it’s someone who can’t drive a person who can’t drive, do you agree, or in this drawing, you can drive but it’s also dangerous if you drive like this? Why is it because it turns out to be underage? If the steering wheel is underage, it may have one limitation to step on the gas and brakes because it’s short, the second if it turns out that a tall person, even if there is a problem in his emotions, becomes insufficient, so it will be dangerous with inadequate conditions like that. actually just face forex trading, sap training is also dangerous, anything becomes dangerous if it is done by people who do not have sufficient knowledge and have unstable emotions Okay so I think we throw away the understanding that he said is dangerous and so on because in my opinion everything is Shotokan dangerous Everything becomes harmless for people who understand more or less like that. Well, the second point of forex trading is not like stock trading, we must realize that it is very different when you go to the stock trading ceiling and you go to the three forex trading ceilings where pom the main difference is that you know the main difference, first buy one lot of shares at a price of one million you want to choose whatever it’s up to you buy one lot the price of one million your balance is still 9 million it means what is your capital 10 million you bought 1900000 Your Aldo village now I I want to ask if the stock price drops by 50%, if the stock price drops by 50% , the strange money will decrease. The answer is that the value of one million purchased is down by 50%. The remaining 500,000 in your balance, you still have nine million in your account. one sea that you buy, yes, it will go up and down from one sea out of one million, nothing is 9 million but per be careful in trading Forex and commodities and talk Give one slack in futures exchange trading the price is Suppose you press the buy button is 1800 dollars your initial capital is 1000s dollars the world gold price drops to 1799 dollars your balance your balance remaining 540s snake in this section what there is a separation like when you buy a lot of shares there is one million that is used as a purchase there is a balance that is still left right here there is not here only one capital Hey, your remaining capital is 540 of 1000 dollars which means that it has been used for an ongoing transaction for one sea it is 1000 dollars minus 540 now if it continues to experience a decrease from 1799 world gold prices because you bought it before, it means that if you buy the opponent is not willing to join, yes, when it drops to 1793 points, six US dollars, your balance is completely exhausted, your position is complete. strange thousand dollars, this is just one transaction si What if it’s two , so if it’s not the same if it’s 0.1 Because forex trading can be 0.1 and so is it, so there’s a difference here that there’s no such thing as money that has been spent with money that hasn’t been spent, it seems like trading stocks is different like You buy Mutual Funds You buy Eastern Mutual Funds, your savings are 10 million, you have a lot of soda for Rp. 100, it turns out that 100,000 is down by Rp. 50,000. Yes, your money is still 909 million. 900 is still in your balance, Rp. 100, which moves up and down if it turns out to be zero. 100006 becomes zero but you still have 1900000 different from you trading on Forex Okay this is the main difference Okay number three buy shares buy Forex trading forex so there are two buy Damri stocks Forex 100% Islamic capital with your own capital Yes, if for example you buy a name that can be easily lowered by yourself, let’s put aside first that you can buy shares with capital your broker put aside first why because you are given a choice there is no such thing as your obligation to use your broker’s money in stock transactions right Therefore buying shares initial capital gives 100 % with your own capital while the capital to buy a position on your Forex account Your trading, for example, the gold commodity that was included, will definitely help you using brokerage capital. Pay attention to the words here. If you buy shares, you have the option of 100% with your own capital or you use part of the broker’s money, namely loans, but in Forex trading or futures exchanges and For this commodity, you will definitely be helped by using monochrome. Surely the words will be certain, so if you bought one Mas with your own capital, you actually still prepare as much money as one lot, at a price of 1807s Dollars. Patrol Adong stands in the 1800s, gives 1500 immoral, maybe of You need 180,000 ice dollars for one lot 180,000 ice dollars for one lot but you think No, how come you were never billed for 180000gr for one lot earlier, with 1000 dollars the city could buy one lot because you were assisted by super 500gr times 180,000 Yes dollars by your broker so different in here okay, it must be understood in this section many people who file transactions but cannot understand the basic conditions of what is being pressed so that it will make it easy to lose Yes of course if the picture loses it is also easy to gain but profit based on the same understanding to be based on hokya is clearly different based on profit That understanding will be duplicated for the next transaction but luckily the one who swims guesses if it is guessed luckily the profit at the Ruqyah Ambles place is very different edition, we continue with point 4 Lulu, how can it be without risk like in this title? virtual trading on stocks Hi but what gives The thing is that you can also do virtual trading on Forex where the features of virtual forex trading are 100% guaranteed. Exactly the same as real forex trading. You know, if you trade stocks, it’s not exactly the same, no, how can you not be rude, protective, isn’t it like that in stock trading? There is an order process and Kiwi queues. So when friends learn stock trading later, there will be terms in the tradition of the Hajar Right Hajar Kiri method, meaning that the Hajar Right method has been taught to him to buy directly at the highest offer, while jerky means that we surrender to the price offered is the most we destroy our goods, just beat right and left there is a log process there qiwing but in Forex trading there is no automatic liquid So in the virtual trading process at that time it was not possible to make a processor drink Oh yes I’m sure in technological sophistication in the future will surely I’ve tried to simulate it, but the homework is very effortless and I think when ever made like that, will it be significant, it will be a plus and a minus for the people who provide virtual trading because there are some who met me too Rains Did you make it virtual Why are you trading because this converter is losing him? So he doesn’t open an account, so there are still Mad mindsets like that, it’s difficult, the level of the organizer, right sometimes we also say you, Innisfree, do you want me to last long or not here, but in virtual trading on Forex is actually 100% ready, the way to open virtualku is very easy. For example, with Okta, a term investor is bros, register, then you already have virtual trading, only your name and email password, you immediately have a virtual account if for example you want to continue for a while Proceed to verification so that at any time you have ready for credit, you can try it right away. So the trading chairman is actually recommended if you want to trade forex for the first time what to get used to the platform for what to ensure the reliability of the platform and that’s important and in stock trading it’s a bit difficult Ultimate I want to ask for more virtual accounts old, why aren’t there, there are still many like that, okay, please Consider being able to start without risk, OK, so on the fifth point there is news about trading software on Forex trading, if in my Virtual, you win, aka continue if you are under the direction of Allah’s Police. aka Los, the broker is naughty, there are players leaving, that’s the answer. 2013 You really feel like you have been cheated on in illegal trading by an official broker in Indonesia, such as Okta dot id, so you can report on the dot complaint. You can read this in PowerPoint if for example I’m sure you’re being cheated immediately. If I take it a step further, something happens secondly Hi, your face is virtual training using a large balance, but when trading using a small balance, maybe because what I usually meet is that he gets a virtual trading default from the broker, for example on the default is 5000 dollars for a virtual deposit real count $100, you already know that at the beginning, at the second point, there was a difference between trading stocks, forex trading, and stock trading, in which you use broker money, but when you trade forex, which at the beginning there was no choice between using broker money and not because of what Because by default using broker money 490-500 if level 1 to 500 If level 1 to 100 it means one of your money 99 Wow rocker okay so when you talk to your virtual account 5000 and 100 then the difference between the sky and the earth’s crust isn’t it earth again 5100 how come it’s true if you’ve been listening since you already know that it’s become very different It’s clear that you don’t lose if you use an account with a large balance, so this is usually the forerunner of people’s mistakes, as if virtual trading is good at going too fast. Why use different money, the solution, parayan, the solution is when you start trading, change your virtual balance early you do what you want, remember that if you are studying, you have to be serious, don’t take it for granted , there is no risk, you will learn carelessly. The results are as long as you go to Okta myocta dot id slash Open an account slash demo then set-up there how much balance you enter 100 then 100-500 500 levels 1 in 100 may be 1 in 500 Yes Sir I want this smaller please test If you have found that your virtual is like the real one then you are getting closer to your real trading So actually nothing a problem When you talk about our first forex trading I never Forcing him to trade a second time, if it turns out you ‘re wondering why people out there are mostly losing, I’m a member of the effort to give a leaf and answer so that we don’t blame the platform, this is the mask, if you often drive a car, it turns out to be a car accident. not using CB is partly wrong where is it from where it is partly wrong than he is a user yes or someone else’s fisherman is also right or not but don’t just start the car all bad Oh the road is bad We can’t go there because if we are like that it looks like we have no fault Hi Okay Let’s continue with number 7, start the analysis, don’t guess the color of virtual trading, I’m just guessing. Ila the output of the guesswork is not clear. People have been analyzed with 1000% ability, it’s not always profitable, so start analyzing after you can buy and sell because it’s the first time I want opencart by what do you do? Pancasila What is the question now Why is it good to be fired do forex trading analysis How to analyze forex trading Oh, there are so many if you say a lot God Maybe there are many if I am more so yes you can learn from many sources, try which one suits you best or you for example, if you want to follow what we have learned together and consistently we have been doing it for almost a year and a half and I share it every time I live trading every Wednesday you try to use it, you access the material on ID slash OCD hi ST it’s simple online trading as simple as online trading I give free to you without conditions You can directly access Google my ID there are three basic strategies there is money management there is Excel 2ba How to use the basics of Fibonacci thinking and pivot points and I have made a video tutorial for the set up is also so don’t actually n always think that something free knowledge is still bad, not actually free, today everything is as good as the paid one, the difference is that if you pay for a class, maybe it’s more detailed, maybe you can ask directly, but because it says in the video like this Yes, how much those who can answer directly will be a limited question, it’s the meaning that distinguishes it, not When I give it in OCD, it turns out that the knowledge is half your salary, you try it first, you’ll know this is what we do every Wednesday Hopefully what we share is from Point 1 to number can provide a paradigm that forex trading is not a dangerous trade, it is dangerous if people don’t understand doing anything is always dangerous but whether it can be 100% risk free for him it is also impossible because in such market dynamics , hopefully it will be useful for me often this time and of course still together Okta Dota Investama futures if you want to open an account for forex trading you can open dyocta dotaidi where okado is one of the brokers that has a complete license and is registered with the regulator predicts that you will go to Indonesia, see you on video and see the live streaming panel every Wednesday from Just attack Filbert after them for Indonesia Hello, Thank you for watching the video on the RS channel on YouTube RS channel is an educational channel for us to learn together and get actualizations about financial and business investment with me Renville Bird and more at my WhatsApp number on 08950 7080 789 08950 7080 789 Download the my FB Android or iOS application to get articles and special themes regarding financial and business investment education on the My RF application now every month, together with Kim, I have classes ranging from learning trading to technical analysis with strategies you can apply it to all markets ranging from Forex stocks to cryptocarensis or plus a stock investment called fundamental camp to find out other classes and ask questions about classes contact the team right now by 0852 trip lapan2 6187 scale again no Panglima 2008 26 187 hopefully it will continue to be useful from Serang Gilbert greetings investment for Indonesia

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